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Reclaiming Tantra

5 day retreat for singles and couples

4 - 8 September 2019

Centro d'Ompio, Northern Italy


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All Classes will be conducted in a safe, sacred space. 


Days 1 and 2:

  • ​Learn Principles and Practices of the Jyoti Lineage of Babaji's Tantric Kriya Yoga

  • Claim Your Authentic Personal Empowerment 

  • Learn How You Are Sovereign Over Your Healing and Spiritual Growth 

  • Heal and Grow on Direct Energetic Levels - From the Inside Out

  • Address the Source of Your Challenges Rather Than the Symptoms

  • Open and Activate Your Energy Circuits (Nadis)

  • Learn Powerful Emotional Healing Practices

  • Understand the Function of Your Chakras

  • Clear, Activate, Open and Balance Your Chakras

  • Discover, Embody and Manifest Your True Essence

  • Clear the Energetic Blocks that Impede Your Progress

  • Remove Negative Influences from Your Life

  • Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

  • Develop Your Capacity to Safely Circulate Increasing Amounts of Energy 

  • Safely Increase the Dynamic Flow of Kundalini Energy

  • Achieve Spiritual Growth Through Genuine Spiritual Experience

  • ​Prepare for Kriya Initiation

Days 3 and 4:

  • ​learn principles of Tantric practice (single and dual cultivation)

  • learn practices to cultivate and transmute sexual energy as individuals and couples

  • learn principles and practices of lovemaking for spiritual growth

  • understand the Maha-Tantra sexual cycle

  • learn to cultivate and circulate orgasmic energy for healing and spiritual experience

  • learn to build sexual ecstasy toward spiritual ecstasy

  • learn to expand your orgasmic capacity

  • learn how orgasmic energy purifies and strengthens your emotional body

  • learn to connect multidimensionally with yourself and your partner

  • learn to expand pleasure for yourself and your partner

  • learn to expand your intimacy of yourself and your partner

  • release blocked energy

  • reconnect with your orgasmic nature

  • much more...

In your spare time, swim in the pool, enjoy the hiking trails, take in the breathtaking views, reconnect with Nature, rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the companionship of like-minded souls.

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