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Age 17, I went to the Netherlands to study fashion design and found Hatha Yoga. Ever since that time, the yogic path has determined my life in every aspect.
2005 I started teaching Asana, Pranayama and Meditation classes and workshops and have been devoted to learning and exploring...more!
Working with horses and sometimes their humans kept me grounded and allowed me to deepen and embody my spirituality and enriches my every day life and teachings.

Hatha Yoga practices, Tellington Touch, TRE and Thai Yoga Massage are beautiful tools that support my offerings; I do however work intuitively and with channeled information, which makes every session unique. The Realignment has changed my work and life completely.

​As a Space Holder, I hold the space for each individual to face their challenges and find their truth, joy and playfulness.


ABOUT Benjamin

Ich bin diplomierter Gesundheitsmasseur und 200h Yoga Lehrer habe Weiterbildungen in der Dorn Methode, Yoga Therapie und Thai Yoga Massage.


Jeder Mensch ist anders und so ist auch meine Vorgehensweise bei jedem Kunden einzigartig.

Klassische Massage, Dorn Methode, Yoga Therapie und Thai Yoga Massage helfen mir dabei eine möglichst umfangreiche und ganzheitliche Therapie zu gestalten und den jeweiligen Kunden  auf allen Ebenen abzuholen.

I am a classical massage therapist and certified Yoga teacher. Further training in the Dorn method, Yoga therapy and Thai Yoga massage enable me to offer an extensive and holistic session and to support each client individually.


"Enlightenment is not what most people think. To be enlightened is not to experience the absence of feelings but to be deeply involved in every aspect of our life."

(Joseph Campbell )

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